Welcome to Our College Library

The Sree Narayana College for women, Kollam was founded by the great statesman and leader Sri.R.Sankar in 1951, who was inspired by the idea 'Enlightenment through Education' of the great Karmayogi, Sree Narayana Guru. The college library also began functioning in the same year. The first book entered in the stock register was “Historical Atlas of India" on 09/07/1951.

Library Infrastructure

The college library is functioning in a two storied building with a total area of 4000 sq ft. There is a seating capacity of 100 seats. The college library is centralized and fully automated library. The total collection of the library includes 59658 books, 2130 Reference Books, 50 journals, 65 popular magazines, 13 newspapers and a collection of CDs & DVDs. There are about 32314 titles in the library. The library software we are using is LIBSOFT. This college has 15 teaching departments offering various courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The members of this library are 2500 students, 93 teachers and 33 non teaching staff.

Our Vision

To collect, store, retrieve and disseminate the right information to the right user at the right time.

Our Mision

To digitalize the resources of the library so as to save the time of the user and to save the space of the library.


The library computerization was started in the year 2000.The library software LIBSOFT installed in 2001.The database of the entire stock was created at the time of first NAAC visit on 2003. The issue and return process was started and 3 computers were installed for this purpose. The process of barcoding 22000 books was started in 2006. Then in the year 2008 the 14 dept libraries was abolished and about 20016 books were transferred to the central library. The database of the entire stock of the library books was created and the barcodes was introduced for all the books. Then the laminated ID CARD was also introduced and our library became a fully computerized one. Thus this library became the first Arts and Science College Library under the Sree Narayana Trust to introduce barcode facility. The circulation process was fully automated.

In the year 2012 the library gate register module was introduced where the member entry details was recorded by swiping the ID card of the users. Then our library became a digital library by introducing the WEB OPAC. The library digitalization work is in progress. The college became the member of the N-list programme of the INFLIBNET in the year 2012.